If you’ve ever been a marketing victim and been duped by a deal that seemed to be good to be true, you will already realise the value that using an ASATA-accredited travel agent, such as iGO, can bring to your travel arrangements.

And if you haven’t, well here are 4 good reasons why you should:

What is ASATA?

The Association of Southern African Travel Agents  is a representative forum that promotes professional service in the travel industry for both members and their clients.

1.Travel with Peace of Mind

Facebook is riddled with stories of travellers who have been left high and dry. By entrusting your travel in the hands of an ASATA-accredited travel agency like iGO, you are assured that you are dealing with a market leader that guarantees professional service, ethical conduct and trustworthy behaviour. iGO only deals with reputable travel suppliers. What’s more is that we know our stuff and can proactively identify any potential pitfalls on your travel journey so that it goes off without a hitch.

ASATA members are bound to a strict Code of Conduct, Constitution and Charter that dictates the terms of their membership. As such, you are assured that iGO is a bona fide member of the travel sector following best-practice management and operations, and that you will receive the products and services for which you asked at a fair and equitable price.

2.Deal with the best in the business

iGO Travel was established in 2009 by two successful industry leaders from 2 of the Biggest names in travel South Africa to form a new unique online business model.

Our staff have an average of 13 years work experience in travel so you are in very good hands. It’s a complicated world filled with inexplicable rules and acronyms. iGO Travel travel consultants are equipped with travel knowledge and understand how the industry works making sure you can travel with peace of mind. iGO can help you sift through and demystify the more complicated areas of travel.

3. Unbeatable Service

As an online company we pride ourselves on being easily contactable and we have an excellent turn around time on quotations. You only have to look at the client testimonials on our website to see how happy our passengers are, who wouldn’t want to be one of them?

4. Saving you time and money

iGO Travel has solid relationships with reputable suppliers and access to cutting-edge technology that enables them to access extensive travel product and information and the best value fares and rates. iGO is customer centric and works for you, not for the supplier, sourcing all aspects of your travel, including air tickets, accommodation, car rental and much, much more.

iGO is an active member of the Association of Southern African Travel Agents and a signatory of the ASATA Charter committing to professional service, ethical conduct and trustworthy behaviour.

You can check here: http://asata.co.za/ -click on “Find a Member” and find us there:

Ask yourself: Is the travel agency or company you’ve just tried to book with an ASATA member? And if not, why not?

See more about our company on our website (along with the ASATA Logo): www.igotravel.co.za/about

Travel with iGO… Travel with Peace of Mind