How to activate free travel insurance on your credit card

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How to activate free travel insurance on your credit card

Amanda Sampaio | 22 Jun 2017

How to activate free travel insurance on your credit card
One of the biggest perks of having a credit card in your pocket is the complimentary travel insurance that also comes with it. While it’s a great freebie, the fine print can be a killer and there would be nothing worse than being mid-trip and finding yourself wondering just whether or not you have cover.  Firstly, you’re only covered if you’ve purchased an air ticket or a cruise departing from and returning to South Africa; on the credit card with the bank with which you bank.
To ensure your travel insurance is activated before you set off on your holiday, we’ve rounded up the major South African credit card providers who offer complimentary credit card travel insurance for personal credit cards as well as how to apply for the travel insurance.
When you are activating your travel insurance, make sure you check with your bank as to what they cover. Most credit card travel insurance only covers medical emergency medical expenses and the excess is usually very high.  It’s vital to have travel insurance for falling ill or being injured, however, there are also other situations that require cover.

Important Note:  When you purchase any travel arrangements on your credit card; the travel insurance from your bank is not automatically activated by the bank or by your travel agent. You as the customer have the responsibility of contacting your relevant bank. 

Important benefits to ensure are covered are (but not limited to):

  • Baggage delays,
  • Theft or damage of baggage,
  • Accidental loss of baggage,
  • Theft of passport and / or travel documents,
  • Bank card fraud,
  • Flight delays,
  • Missed connections,
  • Missed entertainment or sporting event,
  • Cancelling or cutting short a journey
  • Postponing a journey
  • Rejection of your visa application
  • Hijack,
  • Kidnap as well as wrongful detention,
  • Alternative accommodation in the event of a natural disaster,
  • Natural disaster evacuation expenses,
  • Identity fraud,
  • Insolvency of travel suppliers,
  • Hazardous activities,
  • Repatriation in the unfortunate event of death.

We highly recommend that you take out top up cover in addition to your credit card insurance.  IGO TRAVEL can assist with Top Up Credit card cover. Alternatively, you can purchase comprehensive travel insurance from us from as little as R515 per person for up to 9 days if you are under 69 years of age. Indian Ocean Island cover is even more affordable from as little as R290 per person for up to 8 days if you are under 69 years of age.
We also have a senior travel insurance for 70 – 79 year olds; and 80 – 84 year old, respectively.

How to apply:

  • Call FNB on 0861 490 100, or
  • Get FNB to call you back. Click here to get to the page to click on, for them to call you back, or
  • Visit your nearest FNB Branch.

How to apply:

How to apply:

  • Click here to go to the webpage, to get a quote, or
  • Call Nedbank on 0860 885 501, or
  • Visit your nearest Nedbank Branch.

Standard Bank
How to apply:

  • Click here to go to the webpage, to get a quote, or
  • Call Standard Bank on 0861 114 494, or
  • Visit your nearest Standard Bank Branch.

Each travel insurance program through each bank is different.
Should you have purchased your air tickets with the following cards we can provide cover on the following basis:

FNB, RMB, Wesbank, Click, Kulula, Absa, Virgin money, Standard Bank and also Diners Club:
Bryte Insurance has a generic top up plan that offers up to R15,000,000 Emergency Medical as well as related expenses in addition to the cover already provided by the said banks above.  Bryte Top up cover aligns itself against the banks ages and this varies from 70 through to 75 years of age.

Investec Credit Card Travel Insurance is underwritten by Bryte Insurance Company, with whom IGO TRAVEL most commonly make use of for Travel Insurance.

Nedbank, American Express and SAA Voyager:
These are underwritten by Bryte Insurance Company.  The official Automatic, Top up options as well as additional cover options are supplied though our online sales system available though all registered travel agents, brokers or through the Nedbank, American Express SAA Voyager customer care centre:
Nedbank                          0860 885 501 or email
American Express         0860 885 503  or email
SAA voyager                   0860 885 502 or email

The above bank insurance is only available through the registered agents as well as call centres and not through the bank branch structures, nor is it available online.

IGO TRAVEL can provide clients with confirmation of complimentary (Investec) or Automatic Cover (Nedbank, American Express, SAA Voyager) and the relevant top up covers as well as additional cover options directly.  In addition to this IGO TRAVEL, through Bryte Insurance Company also offers a top up option on all the other banks that are offering credit card insurance programs in South Africa excluding Discovery.
Contact us for any questions regarding travel insurance for your holiday.

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