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Our Most Requested Travel Destinations

With crystal beaches, teaming sea-life, exotic surrounds and ambrosial cuisine, it is no wonder that our most popular holiday destinations are the idyllic tropical beaches of Mauritius, Thailand and Bali. Affordable and visa-free for South African passport holders, these havens of paradise offer the perfect escape for romantics, adventurers, families and solitude seekers alike. Indulgent opulence awaits lovers of luxury on our custom crafted tours, turning your blissful tropical dreams into a perfectly tailor-made reality. Choose from our express, ready-to-book packages or let us custom make an experience unique to your wanderlust bucket-list.


At IGO Travel we’re all about taking you on epic adventures.  Get the best of both worlds; we’re instant and conveniently online, yet incredibly personable.

Rather than just getting from A to B, we define travel as a riveting life-changing experience where memories are sculpted, friendships are forged and life gains new meaning.  We pay attention to your travel fantasies and turn your dreams into real-time Instagram stories. 

We are a team of passionate travel experts who cannot wait to amaze you with professional, innovative and dedicated personal service in arranging the trip of a lifetime. We know the ins and outs of travel, the shortcuts, the discounts and the magical less-travelled roads that make for dreamy vacation experiences.  Whether it be a honeymoon, family holiday, corporate or incentive package, we’ve got great recommendations ready to dazzle you. We are also industry specialists in the school, sports and group travel sector. 

We pride ourselves in offering you an incredible full-circle experience, from the initiation of your trip planning, through to your return from the grand adventure.



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Quality Service

As an ASATA member, we’re a bona fide partner of the travel sector following best-practice management and operations. We only deal with reputable suppliers avoiding unnecessary glitches and hidden costs.

Attention to Detail

Our travel magicians will compile every detail of your trip according to your specified budget, schedule and wanderlust wish list. We’ll even take into account stopovers, seat- and meal preferences.

Deals and Pricing

With access to industry-only platforms, exclusive deals, cutting-edge technology, and promotional offers, we sift through the no-good deals, saving you time, money and providing a quality travel experience.

Peace of Mind

We are experts at planning complex trips with multiple stops across various destinations. We take care of last-minute changes, delays or itinerary adjustments, giving you peace of mind.

Our Favourite Holiday Package Deals

Whether you’re dreaming of luxury treehouse stays under starlit skies, being mesmerized by humpback whales in Antarctica or crafting pasta in Tuscany, we bring you the best offers from around the globe. With various fields of destination expertise, our specialist team can advise on unique packages in both popular and ‘off the beaten track’ journeys. Being first-hand jetsetters, we know exactly which options will suit your personal preference, allowing you to get exactly the vacation you dreamed of. With a variety of the latest specials and packages at our disposal, we’re well equipped to avoid any hidden costs on your behalf.

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