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SALT of Palmar – Mauritius

IGO TRAVEL | 14 September 2018

The Lux Collective has just launched a new five-star boutique hotel brand called SALT. A brand that believes in meaningful travel. Travel that takes you to people, not just places.

SALT offers meaningful travel that satisfies curiosity and connects you to the local community and their way of life. You’ll be listening to and tasting local. You will be out there exploring. You’re in it, not beside it. A beautiful base that gives you everything you need to discover the place you are in but also everything you need to relax, escape, and recharge.

The homegrown hotel with a huge heart

The first SALT had to be in Mauritius. It has an undeniable, exotic beauty. Volcanic, white, blue and green. It’s Indian, French, Creole, Chinese and African. Its colours, stories, customs, sounds, and flavours form a brilliant, heady mix that is impossible to ignore or forget. If you experience it.

That’s why they have created SALT of Palmar. Mauritius is ripe for exploration, drenched in history, and bursting with humbling heritage and modern culture. And they want to show you the real Mauritius.

SALT does that by giving you convertible cars, bikes, and the gen on hidden gems (people, not just places). But, you’ll find it in the hotel too. Locals designed, built, and furnished SALT. The locals also manage and run it. They also make the food and the music. It’s a vibrant, joyful place designed by an artist who believes that colour = happiness. Inspired by the colours of Mauritian houses, and the island’s upbeat vibe, SALT of Palmar pops with energy against a mellow natural backdrop.

They are right on the beach and fit the Mauritius bill. But, this 59-room hotel does things differently. Their organic farm supplies the restaurant. There’s a salt room in the spa, and the chance to restore your equilibrium throughout. There are no buffets, fixed TV screens, or single-use plastics. Just everything you need or didn’t know you did.

Designing local style

When designer Camille Walala saw the bright blue skies, pink sunsets, green sugarcane fields of Mauritius, and the explosion of diverse paint colours used to decorate the buildings in the village, it was love at first sight. She was full of inspiration when she collaborated with local architecture studio JFA on the design of SALT of Palmar. Camille’s bold style meets Mauritius’ soulful style. And with local makers creating the furniture, art, and finer details, the Mauritian influence comes through loud and clear. It makes the hotel completely unique. It’s inspiring and it’s a very happy place to be.

Getting out there

The Mauritian great outdoors is greater than most outdoors. And, they don’t take it for granted. Sunrise run club and Sunset swim club say it all. Bike and hike, if you like. Take a Sega dance or yoga class. It’s all about moving and being in the fresh, open air, increasing focus and decreasing stress. Head to the nearby forest. Shinrin-yoku – just being in a forest – is medicine. Or take it further. They have a fleet of convertible cars for hire. Independent exploration of the island’s open roads is yours. Take one of their SIM cards and follow the map using their app or guidebook. Or if you’re feeling fit, they have bicycles you can borrow. Several neighbouring villages, temples, Flacq market, and their farm are all bikeable.

Showcasing island sounds

The island pulses to the lively rhythm of Sega music. It comes from Madagascar and Africa. It’s joy and happiness. Love and peace. Music with heart and soul. The playlists for the beach bar and restaurant never miss a beat. Local artists are invited to come and play live. They might play it pure. They might add a twist. They’ll never play it with a frown.

Loving Learning
Every day is learning day at SALT of Palmar. Let the chef teach you how to prepare fish vindaye and chicken curry. It’ll stir your cooking up. Master the maravanne rattle and moutia drum. It’s an interactive percussion discussion. Get out into the farm and see how locals grow, maintain, and harvest the sustainable way. Choose to do something new from their Learn Local platform. Ceramics with Janine in her Pamplemousse studio? Early morning fishing with Kishor? Coaching the local football team with Fabrice? Or basket weaving with Tombeau? It’s taking home more than a tan.

Being balanced

” Holiday time. It’s a good time to focus on you being soothed, hydrated, detoxified, and energised. That’s why they have created SALT Equilibrium. It’s a concept, but it’s not lofty (or compulsory). It’s simple. And salt – humble salt – plays a big part in it. In the spa, different salts bring different benefits and it’s an island first, a room made of salt. In its warm crystal glow, you breathe deeply while salt vapour boosts your respiratory system, skin, immunity, and energy levels. It’s entirely natural and very ancient. Stress is reduced and bacteria, muscular tension, and inflammation. It’s called halotherapy. Equilibrium is also about embracing nature and eating raw, organic plant-based food. You’ll be balanced in no time. “

Farming forever

The pesticide-free farm is their own source of organic ingredients. They have hydroponic greenhouses full of fruit and vegetables cultivated without soil. Sand from the beach are used. The plants absorb nutrients faster that way. It’s clean, effective, sustainable, organic, and incredible. In the greenhouse, the rustic, vegetarian restaurant connects you to the agricultural context. You’re seeing what you’re eating at all stages of its life. And the farm workshops share the secrets of making delicious plant-based dishes and beautiful green juices. Wellness talks and yoga tuition go hand-in-hand with it. You’ll be thinking, moving, and eating purer than pure.

Making a difference

Some Mauritian communities need help. Non-profit organisation Island Bio does it by empowering them through three-year skill-building programmes followed by training in permaculture and agro-ecology. SALT has given part of their farm over to help the cause. They’ve set up a farm school in the neighbouring village through which the farmers share their knowledge. It’s a partnership based on the shared belief that fresh, high-quality organic food is the right of each, and every, Mauritian citizen.


Each of the hotel rooms are kitted out with only the finest of things. Each room has a king size bed that was handmade, with physios. All with 100% organic cotton bedding, a rain shower, a yoga mat and block, a Roberts radio and all-natural, locally produced toiletries.

Doesn’t this sound like a slice of heaven? If you need more information or want to book your next holiday at SALT get in touch with us to tailor an awesome experience for you.

Be part of a good thing.

Stay. Visit. Get to know Mauritius with SALT. To book, contact us or view package here.

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