The season for traveling is nigh and people are already planning their magnificent trips to various exotic, or non-exotic, rustic locations across the world. Since we’re in the age of technology and smartphones, and iOS users are looking for apps that they’ll find useful during their trips, we came up with the idea to present you with the Top 5 iOS travel apps for the Summer of 2015. Now don’t exit this article because you’re sick of hearing about TripAdvisor, TripIt, Entrain, MiFlight, Tipulator and the likes. No, this time around our top 5 iOS travel apps are a bit, let’s say different. These iOS travel apps aren’t for finding routes and rides, because Google Maps is most likely already in your library and you are familiar with Uber. These top 5 iOS travel apps are for making your trips memorable and helping you keep up with your work-life if necessary.

We’ve selected the top 5 iOS travel apps based on how fun and useful they can be, especially in a time where smartphone photography has taken off incredibly well. These iOS travel apps will help you create your own scrapbook, right on your phone, and use the random snapshots that you take to create true-to-life memories that you will be able to share with your family or review in a couple of years and say: good thing I had that app! You probably won’t say that, but hey, these top 5 iOS travel apps will definitely become favorites in the long run. What’s more is that all these apps are new, released in the last few weeks, so they’re optimized for iOS 8 and work well with social media, so you won’t have to fiddle too much in the interface. With that being said, let’s reveal our top 5 iOS travel apps for 2015! Enjoy and let us know which app you think is the best one!


1. carbo
Carbo is a note-taking app, but that’s exactly why it’s on the top 5 iOS travel apps for 2015 list. Regardless of where you’re going or how much time you are going to spend traveling, you are going to want to jot down things that you need to remember. You would be surprised at how many things you can forget in a foreign city, either because you ended up getting drunk in New York or high in Amsterdam. For these occasions and for your own personal sense of safety, as well as convenience, Carbo offers a great note-taking experience for the price of $3.99 on iTunes.
But this is not on the top 5 iOS travel apps of 2015 list because it can take notes, you can take notes anywhere on your phone or even on a napkin, as customary in bars. It’s because it offers one of the best user experiences ever. Carbo doesn’t just take notes: it can take photos of notes, drawings, pictures, signs, labels, stores and render them into digital versions without a glitch. Moreover, you can use these rendered digital notes to create a scrapbook-like experience by editing them or adding doodles and comments to them. It’s a very clean and easy to use app, which is perfect for when you can’t even see straight.
The folks here at Geek Snack like Carbo and think that it deserves a spot on our best iOS travel apps 2015 list because of three things: user interface, interaction, integration. The minus for this app would be its price, but for $4, it isn’t a very huge investment. If you’re not sure that you want to pay for an app like this, you should read some reviews in the app store if we haven’t done enough convincing. Although some people say doodling and note-taking on a trip are futile, we believe that they can add a lot to your experience looking back.



2. plaza
This app is designed for those who like to socialize when they travel. It’s like a social network for people passionate about traveling. Traveling across the world is everyone’s dream nowadays, but how do you know which places and spots are worthy of a visit and of the investment? Plaza is on the top 5 iOS travel apps of 2015 list because it connects you to fellow travelers and helps you find out their honest opinions about landmarks, museums, bars, make-out spots, drinking spots, casinos and anything else you can think about.

When going on a trip across the country or across the world, you will definitely appreciate personal opinions about the places that you’ve heard about. Also, you will want to know what is in or what is out and which places are frequented by what kind of travelers. With Plaza, you can easily find out where you can spend the night and learn about the most note-worthy places of a city, all through the app. Each city has reviews, notes, comments, videos, photos and audio clips which best describe its true nature and spitir. Moreover, you can contribute yourself, anonymously (or not), so that your fellow travelers will know what you think and why you would or wouldn’t recommend a place. The best part is that it’s free on iTunes.
Since this is a free iOS travel apps, you can easily get your hands on it and try it out. See what places have already been reviewed and add your own take on them. You can also add new places and sights that you think people should see, which is a great way to get information out there. Although the internet is massive, there are still places out there about which many don’t know. Take the opportunity to make them known!



3. paint paper studio
Although this app’s name might put you off, our opinion is that it’s a must have app for traveling. First off, the app is free on iTunes, so you can give it a go regardless of what you’re intending to do with it. But Paint Paper Studio is not on the best iOS travel apps for 2015 list because of its “price”, but because it offers the user the option and ability to scrapbook easily. With this app, you can create notes and pictures from scratch, or you can import pictures from your gallery and add doodles, memos, notes, icons, smileys and whatever else you can imagine to them.

For example, if you’ve just been to Scott’s Bar in Ireland and took a photo with the bartender (who was rather friendly, by the way), you can doodle their funny comments about your crazy hair on the photo so that you always remember Mr. Scott and his slightly raunchy opinions about violet hair. Alternatively, you can ask Mr. Scott himself to doodle something that you can remember him and his bar by, which is an excellent way to gather truly emotional memories right on your iPhone or iPad.
I think this app is perfect for traveling because it can provide you with well-deserved relaxation while on commute, waiting for someone, or sitting in the hotel room waiting for room service. It’s a great time-passer for those moments when you don’t feel like getting up, but it still manages to be one of those apps that yields results in the form of something impressive: memories. It’s cliche and cheesy, but it genuinely adds to your travel memories looking back.

4. moovit
It’s weird, but this app is not like the others. Moovit is on the top 5 iOS travel apps list because it combines a variety of functions that you would find with at least 3 different apps. Since we’re talking about the best travel apps here, Moovit has a pretty good go at being the best thus far. It’s not as creative or sentimental as the previous entries, but it is inherently useful when traveling. The concept behind Moovit is to be useful and help travelers out with bus routes. When in a foreign country, the best way to travel is either by bus or subway, but our personal opinion is that you can have a better time on the bus because it usually isn’t as crowded and you can meet truly unique characters there. What other purpose is there to traveling than meeting new people and learning about the place you’re visiting?

Moovit will feed you all the bus routes and station information that you need, including schedules. Moreover, it’s a travel app for Apple Watch, too. You can glance it and see the routes that you’re interested in, without even taking your phone out of your pocket. This one is as free and useful as all the others, and we’re definitely considering this one of the best iOS travel apps of 2015.
Although bus routes are most common, Moovit also offers routes and information about subways, trains, trams and any other means of transportation. Since it’s a new app, we’re likely going to see more routes and vehicles added to its library soon enough. This app is very popular in Europe, so if you’re going on a European trip, it might be a good idea to pick this up. There’s a lot of commotion in Europe, at all times, so it’s easy to get confused. Moovit can help with that.

5. Foursquare
This one’s a given. It’s the odd one out in our best iOS travel apps for 2015 list. That’s because Foursquare is anything but new, which is one of the reasons why we chose it actually. The fact that Foursquare as a travel companion app has migrated all across the country and has acquired millions of users comes in handy for travelers and trekkers. With the app, which is a social network platform, you can do much of what you can do with Plaza.

But compared to Plaza, Foursquare has a much larger user base and can function as a back-up travel app for when you need to see where friends have been and what they thought about the places they’ve traveled to. People will list their opinions about prices, services and atmosphere on Foursquare and you can also contribute with your own to any venue or landmark that you visit. What it has that Plaza doesn’t is food and drink reviews, which can come in handy. If you’re not a fan of Yelp, Foursquare is an excellent alternative, and it’s also free in the app store.
Foursquare has quite the reputation as one of the best iOS travel apps, and although it isn’t as fashionable as it used to be, it still has a lot of traction among travelers. One of the big pluses for this app is its huge library of knowledge and a lot of places and listings that you wouldn’t have found in any other place. Just browsing through all the sights can be entertaining, imagine visiting them all! With that in mind, we recommend everyone take a trip around the world, even if in only one small spot.

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