Some of the reasons why iGO Travel could change your Corporate Travel life

What is a TMC? ‘Travel Management Company’. Would you cut your own hair if you had a pair of scissors? There’s a reason you’re not walking down the street with a pot hair-cut and that’s because you recognise that someone who is trained to do it, would do a much better job even if you have the tools to do it.
Using an accredited ASATA TMC like iGO Travel can be the difference between being stuck en route to an important business meeting and arriving fresh and ready to achieve your business goals.

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider entrusting your Corporate Travel in the hands of an experienced and skilled Travel Management Company like iGO Travel.

  1. Getting employees to follow the rules

Corporates often turn to travel procurement when they need to slash costs quickly and of course a good, proactive travel policy can certainly help to achieve cost saving goals. But it’s no good if your employees refuse to toe the line.

It is essential that employees use preferred suppliers that your company has chosen to work with and that they are aware of all the spending thresholds and travel rules. With iGO Travel, we help you manage this.

Do your employees know what their business expense limit is? Are they aware which airline class they are allowed to book? Do they know that ratching up their air miles in favour of a cheaper flight is not OK? And more importantly: do you have the time to police them to ensure they don’t bend the rules?  iGO Travel will be there to inform and enforce your travel policy.

  1. Saving you time and money

Consider the time it takes you, and your staff, to book travel, reconcile credit card reports and negotiate supplier rates. It’s a job filled with detail, and one that should only be entrusted to an expert to do – like iGO Travel.

We can alleviate this time pressure, and negotiate important savings. A recent Global Business Travel Alliance study actually showed how a good TMC can save your company up to 20% off your travel and entertainment budget. Working with an expert can help you to manage proactively your costs because we’ve done it in the past.

  1. Increase productivity

 If you’ve spent hours trawling the Internet for a killer deal just to fly between Durban and Jo’burg, you’ll recognise the importance of this next benefit. Allowing your staff to book their own travel arrangements, even if they do toe the corporate travel policy line, will have an impact on your productivity and your bottom line.

It is not their expertise, they are likely to take longer than an expert would and may just make the wrong decision. What’s more, the time they spend looking for the right options for their business trip, is money. Employees can easily lose half a day of productive work by trying to sort out authorisations, book travel tickets, and reconcile expenses.

  1. Ensure accurate expense reporting

If you’re struggling to coordinate all the different expenses, receipts and, dare we say it, the CEO’s claim scribbled on a napkin? A qualified TMC, like iGO, has the systems and the technology in place to help you manage your travel data and reconcile expenses.

Having iGO Travel handle your expenses can help reduce time and cost as well as increase traveller convenience. We can oversees expenses, and will also be able to provide granular data for your company so that you can proactively adapt your corporate policy and, you guessed it, achieve the savings your management is after.