-by Lil Kimble- owner of OTG Athletic in umhlanga

They say that every once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives you a fairy-tale. 

Mauritius couldn’t have been the more perfect setting for our destination wedding.  Ravella from iGO Travel literally made our every need her own and ensured that every last detail from accommodating our family and their individual needs to booking our special day, and if we had asked, would probably have arranged for the sun to set at exactly 18.37 on the eve of our wedding.

 No request was too big or too small.

 The Trou Aux Biches experience was second to none, and a haven that Scott and I will hold close to our hearts “till death do us part”. 

 The resort itself was obviously exceptional, this goes without saying and included everything and more than what is expected from a five star facility.  However what is a shell without a heart, the people behind Trou Aux Biches are what set this special place far above the rest. 


Fiona and Virgene in guest relations literally bought our dream wedding to life, there was not a thing they took for granted when planning our wedding, and all though we realize that when one does 20 odd weddings per month these things come quite naturally.  These lovely ladies made us feel like one in a million, and that our wedding was as special to them as it was to us.

No staff member of this outstanding resort was too busy, too tired or too disinterested to fulfil our needs, from the housekeepers to the buggy drivers and bartenders, each member literally treated us like family of il Maurice.

Deborah in the spa turned me into a princess (this is no easy task) in under an hour, and Hans, Kevin and Kaviraj in the restaurants (Indian and Italian) literally made every effort to ensure our experience was nothing but phenomenal, the food of course was decadent but these 3 gents made it unforgettable.

 We absolutely cannot wait to return, and truly hope we can visit this exceptional sanctuary on an anniversary in the future.

Beachcomber – you have totally outdone yourselves!