Reunion Metis Festival

27, 28 & 29 September, from 7 pm till midnight is free.

Have you ever seen the island through the eyes of an artist? This is the experience you get with Reunion Metis 2019. The richness of the island, both from a natural as well as a cultural point of view; offers an unending source of inspiration and the perfect platform for expressing all the artistic forms. This is the primary objective under which this initial festival was conceived: to immerse us in a world shaped by local artists covering different disciplines.


Reunion Metis flyer



“This immersive experience was conceived and put together by a large team to invite you to celebrate Reunion’s talents.”

And it is the combination of these different talents; private as well as public players, young and less young, associations and schools; that provides Reunion Metis with all its originality and strength. By bringing together so many actors and artists from diverse backgrounds in one place at the same time within a free format; Reunion Metis is a tool for rewriting Living Together. From design to end result, this project is an example of participatory collaboration whose key driver is a desire to highlight Reunion’s culture as well as influence both regionally and internationally.


The event takes place in the area surrounding the Saint-Paul landing stage. Each evening will start at 7:00 pm with a dance show on the landing stage. From there, the public may stroll through the various artistic and light installations set up along the route. There’s music to accompany the experience, and some of the dancers will even mingle with the crowd as they discover Street Art; art installations as well as various street music scenes. Further along Quai Gilbert; there’s Street Food to delight gourmets who can settle down in the saloons and spaces set up for the occasion. Each evening ends at midnight.


Kompani Soul City under the direction of Didier Boutiana, accompanied by talented dancers, puts on a 30 minute opening show each evening on the landing stage. The troupe has chosen this artistic work symbolising the connection between man and his island to offer you a unique performance. The troupe then splits up to appear along the route through town over the course of the rest of the evening.


The music on offer was thought about long and hard by David Mantault and Arno Bazin. Specialists and fans of local as well as regional music, they bring us a diversity of artists who represent the island’s contemporary musical richness.

Street Art

The pair of artists Kid Kreol & Boogie bring us a selection that opens up to other fields of expression that that of graffiti. Among this selection, as well as graffiti artists, you’ll find painters, graphic designers as well as plastic artists. Accompanied by Kid Kreol & Boogie, the artists will be invited to take over the urban space to deliver up some unusual creations.

Street Food

Celebration of culinary talents. A selection of service providers who take an ecological approach.

  • Local cuisine: multi-cultural eating space
  • Combi Drink: beverages and water point


Reunion Metis festival


Reunion Metis Festival