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Prepare for Home Affairs Shutdown on Monday 19 June

The Department of Home Affairs has announced it was served with a notice to strike from its front office staff for Monday, June 19. The notice to strike follows a dispute over working hours and specifically over Saturday work.

The strike will affect applications for travel documents and is also expected to severely affect all the country’s ports of entry. Mkuseli Apleni said in a statement: “If this strike is to take place, it would interrupt mandatory services Home Affairs provides to citizens. We are deeply concerned by threats of a labour strike, ahead of one of our busiest periods in the year, that is, the school winter holidays. Ahead of the holidays, the number of client requests for travel documents shoots up as families prepare for the long break.”

The Department told ASATA it would release an update on whether the strike will go ahead before the end of the week.

Prepare for Home Affairs Shutdown on Monday 19 June