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Kremlin In Moscow

Includes a Visit to the Kremlin!
This Moscow city break offers you the incredible experience of discovering the cultural and historic treasures of this city in five unforgettable days! This is an amazing chance to experience the sights and sounds of one of Russia’s most iconic cities, vibrant capital Moscow. Trips include a visit down into Moscow’s opulent underground metro system and forays to world-famous attractions such as the impressive Lenin mausoleum, historic Kremlin and magnificent Winter Palace.

R19 795
Includes taxes
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Northern Lights In Russia

See the Northern Lights
Don’t miss a unique opportunity to see one of the World’s main miracles – the Northern Lights! The best place to see the northern lights is above the Arctic Circle. In Russia you can watch this miracle just in 1500km from Moscow – near Murmansk city. Northern lights holidays provide you the possibility to take unique photos and get in touch with local culture.

R35 145
Includes taxes
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The Chapel Of Saint Great Martyr In Yekaterinburg

From Moscow to Beijing!
Go large on our sensational big ticket from Moscow all the way to Beijing. It’s the journey that offers a stunning smorgasbord of all our en route destinations including Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk (for Lake Baikal), Ulan Ude and Ulaan Baatar!

R59 150
Excludes taxes
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