If you have never been to Mauritius before, I highly recommend looking into it. I was invited by Beachcomber to go along and have a look at their hotels on the Island. For years I always put Mauritius to the back of my mind, thinking it’s such a common destination, I’d rather visit somewhere less travelled. Boy was I wrong… Yes, it is widely visited by tourists but wow what an amazing holiday and destination.

Le Vic Sunset

A group of us met at the airport and travelled together for the duration of the 8 day trip. What a way to make great friends! Flying Durban directly to Mauritius with Air Mauritius was a breeze. We were met by our tour operator at the airport, who would look after us for the remainder of the trip. A lovely driver by the name Richie, and our tour guide Anna who could not have been more informative and helpful should she have tried.

Le Victoria Beach

We started our trip in the North and moved our way south, staying first at the 4 star LE MAURICIA hotel in Grand Baie. This hotel has such a young and upbeat vibe to it, there is always some action going on and you cannot help but get caught up in the fever, especially when they have their very own underground nightclub. We did a day tour of LE CANONNIER also based in Grand Baie, and had a hosted dinner and drinks there in the evening. I found this hotel to be very diverse, the cliental ranged from youngsters enjoying themselves to families with children to couples celebrating their honeymoon. In the town of grand baie there is lovely shopping to be done, however most of it involves buy sarongs … which I already have too many of. The colours were unbelievable, and I came home with far too many sarongs that I will probably never wear.

Le Victoria Sunset

From there we moved slightly south to a resort called LE VICTORIA. This resort is a four star superior resort and surprised me a bit. Having gotten used to all the European accents of the tourists, I found myself quite shocked hearing the South African Accent at this resort, apparently the South African favourite out of all the Beachcomber hotels, and I can understand why. They have the most spectacular view as you walk into reception, looking straight onto the pool with the beach and sea in the background. This resort was definitely one of my favourites; I was quite impressed with their room size and the luxury of the room. We managed to fit in snorkelling here and plenty pool time. Now feeling properly relaxed we moved on from here to TOUX AUX BICHES, a five star superior hotel. And wow, was it calm and relaxing there. I was one of the 4 people to get a room upgrade to a beach front room with a private pool. Now, I realise it gets pricey but this room is so worth it. I invited my new found friends to spend the afternoon in my pool, and we all enjoyed sun downers in the warm Mauritius afternoon sun.

Troux Aux Biches private pool

Moving on to our next hotel takes us to PARADIS five star superior hotel. This hotel is quite unique, with most of the guests being very sporty people. Beachcombers five star deluxe resort DINAROBIN is directly next to PARADIS. They share a golf course together and between the two of them there is a 7km stretch of Beach. With the Golf Course being on this resort, it seems this hotel is designed around active people. Everywhere you went there were people jogging, cycling, playing golf or doing some form of exercise. It gave us all a bit if a guilty conscience however not guilty enough to join in on the exercise. We spent two nights at PARADIS Hotel, and we got to experience an evening of hosted drinks and dinner at both PARADIS and DINA ROBIN. I was absolutely blown away by the service at the deluxe resort DINAROBIN, with added touches here and there making the distinct difference between a superior and a deluxe resort.

Troux Aux Biches Sundowners

Sadly, moving onto our last resort we found ourselves at SHANDRANI all inclusive resort. This was definitely not a “last but least” case. This resort also had a more upbeat vibe to it, maybe it was the combination of our last night and the Pina Colada’s flowing, but we all seemed to have the best time. The beach here was absolutely superb, and I will forever remember my last afternoon lying on the beach sipping on cocktails.
While we were on our trip we got to experience a few excursions as well. We were spoilt with things like a trip on a glass bottom boat, snorkelling, Dolphin experience plus swimming with the dolphins, Rum tasting outing, Golf lessons and a bicycle outride. All of these so highly recommended to make your trip that much richer, even if your pocket is a little emptier on your return home.

Shandrani Beach


At every hotel we experienced world class service and such amazing food. I’m almost 100% sure the plane on the way home burnt extra fuel with all the extra weight it was carrying from eating and drinking far too much during out trip. There is also something to be said about the beaches and sea there. Yes Mauritius is surrounded by a coral reef, so please expect coral in the sea. But oh such beautiful water definitely makes up for it. We really were so so spoilt by Beachcomber, with all the free time we really got to relax and actually experience each resort for ourselves. Getting to know the staff, and feel the atmosphere I feel confident to be able to recommend each hotel to my clients.

Our group

A special thanks to Pippa Hackland, our Beachcomber rep who travelled with us. She was an absolute star, helping us every step of the way and wow what fun she is. Making every one of us feel comfortable and joining in on all the activities with us, even though she has been there so many times. It would not have been such a successful trip without her.

Lastly, some of my rewards I give to the hotels:
Best Beach – Shandrani
Best Service – Dina Robin
Best room – Troux Aux Biches
Best Vibe – Le Mauricia

I am going to have to say my overall favourite hotel though is LE VICTORIA. There is something about it that will just draw me back one day.
Here’s hoping you are as impressed by Beachcomber as I am.

Erika Swanlund- Leisure Consultant