LUX Belle Mare – So much more than a 5 Star Beach Holiday!

An unbelievable and remarkable stay that has far exceeded all expectations for every person in our family!
We have travelled to Mauritius and stalux-belle-mare-rav-6yed at many different properties over the past 10 years – this year has been by far our greatest trip! As a family of 3 generations – grandparents, parents and children we all found our stay at LUX* Belle Mare to be one to put on your bucket list – there is not one element or detail any of us could have wanted for, LUX Belle Mare has it. If you are considering a stay in Mauritius in a 5 star hotel and are undecided which resort to pick – take it from a Mauritius expert, LUX* Belle Mare takes the lead by a long shot! Let me tell you why –

1. Service – The staff aim to please! Nothing is too much for them and they are eager to ensure each guest is treated as VVVIP. We never sbelle mare champersaw one unhappy staff member during our stay. We were fortunate to have the following individuals go over and beyond during our stay – Ritish on the beach and at the pool, Yishal at the pool, Claudine at the pool, Chica at the beach rouge, Jessica and Sonja at front office, Joanna at Duck Laundry, Yash @ Café LUX, Asha at the kids club, Praveen and Ramesh. The staff take it upon themselves to find ways to deliver you unforgettable moments during your stay – hand written notes, little inexpensive gifts, spending time chatting to the guests, playing with the kids, quick with a joke and quick to lighten up your experience whatever time of the day it may be.

2. Food – in the 6 nights during our stay we felt like we were on a culinary adventure and not just a beach holiday! Each day gave us a new highlight and each as lux-belle-mare-beach-rav-5wonderful as the next. We were treated with fine dining and a Tapas menu prepared personally by Michelin Star Chef Vineet Bhatia at their Amari restuarant. We had an unbelievable dinner experience at the Hotels Aubergine Farm with our meal cooked “imu” style, in the ground for 3 hours – it felt like we were royalty that evening and was really a night to be treasured! We were blown away with the breakfast and seafood dinner on the beach – I recommend each guest make this a must do! The Duck Laundry, the Chinese restaurant at the resort did not disappoint – the meal we had there was gluttonous and left us wishing we had more time to experience it again. The meals we had at MIXE (the main buffet restaurant) were outstanding – variety and the standard of the buffet was the best I have seen at any 5 star resort I have ever been to! The beach Rouge was fabulous at lunch or dinner with a menu that had us umming and aghhing about as there were sobelle mare 2 many delightful options to choose from. Lastly, I have to mention the food truck – what a quirky concept and a big hit with everyone in our family – for a quick tasty and fabulous treat! My recommendation is to take an all-inclusive package – the food at any of the establishments will without doubt stretch your waistline but with meal package your wallet won’t fall apart! On the package – ice cream or ICI as it is referred to – the most delicious homemade flavours of sorbet and creamy ice-cream are readily available to cool you down whilst at the pool or on the beach!

3. Rooms – wow – lighter and brighter (what the asterix * after LUX stands for ). The rooms were impressive, spacious, modern and smlux-belle-mare-swinging-tree-rav-2elled amazing! The in room products were to die for – wish we could ship some home! Each room has an iPad allowing you access to every bit of information at the resort and more. What activities are planned for the day, what’s on at the restaurants, what’s available for the kids, what you can book and any other information you could possibly want or need. The Mini Bar fully stocked with snacks, water & drinks is included in the all-inclusive package and replenished daily.

4. Fun – endless fun and soo much to do. The boathouse is well equipped with all kinds of water sports available, The “Play” kids club had a daily programbelle mare cubanosme that would blow any holiday club out the water! If you hate to hear the words “bored” come out of your children’s Mouths – then a LUX resort is where you want to be on holiday. Our 6 year old did not pick up an iPad for 7 days! There is the message in a bottle – which will keep adults and children alike busy for hours in search of a prize that is found inside the bottle. Movies on the beach – get on your in-room iPad and vote for your favourite movie to watch on beanbags with popcorn under the stars! The Spa with the Tea room next door will be a must for tea lovers to do some tasting of over 70 different blends. The Tree of Wishes is a fantastic attribute giving guests an opportunity to place their wish and possibly win a holiday at LUX if chosen. My 6 year old was placing wishes daily and to her astonishment on check out received a hand written note and “A Pretty Baby Doll” with her wish coming true – wow – what a moment and a memory that will never be forgotten. An unexpected surprise that is just an example of the unbelievable touches they deliver.

5. Luxurious – from the moment you arrive until you leave, you know and feel like you are staying at a 5 star belle mareproperty. It’s a 5 star resort that allows you to feel at home. An expectation to look smart but feel comfortable. No need for any noses in the air, just a welcoming to relax in a refined environment. By no means would any person that is looking for 5 star be disappointed – At LUX* Belle Mare you will feel like You have Arrived!

6. Experiences – There is something for everyone…Coffee roasting tours, Tea Tasting, Rum Tasting, Craft Beer, Spa Treatments, Yoga, Kite surfing, Movies on the beach, Bike trips, tennis, bocce ball, cooking classes, and excursions away from the resort. There are so many different ways to experience LUX* in its fullness and at LUX* Belle Mare offers each of the above experiences so there is definitely no shortage of things to do or variety of what is on offer.

7. Coffee Lovers – LUX* have created their own brand Café LUX* and give guests a twice weekly offer to go on a coffee roasting tour or do a coffebelle mare beach rougee tasting of the different blends on offer. This was pretty cool to understand the process and if you are on the all-inclusive – Free Coffee during your stay Bonus! – try the nitrogen infused ice coffee for something of a difference.


8. Attention to Detail – this is where LUX* Belle Mare takes the prize – the staff remember conversations, are always around but low key. They knlux-belle-mare-cocktails-on-beach-rav-3ow exactly what’s going on and will ensure there is a surprise or two that will leave you gobsmacked as to how they found out, knew or remembered the discussion. If there is something special that you may want or would like to try , they will insist you let them do it. You will meet the chef’s that prepare your food, you will always see the managers around engaging and interacting and interested to find out what makes your holiday special. There is a genuine focus on the little details that make a huge impact and certainly did on our holiday!!

9. Management – it was definitely evident to us that the success of LUX* Belle Mare has to with the management. This is certainly a well steerebelle mare featuredd ship, Nitesh and Antoine were both on hand and readily available to assist.

This was by one of our greatest Family holiday’s , where the resort, the people and the experience made the difference. Thank You Nitesh and your team. My thoughts after this stay is – if LUX* Belle Mare is slightly out of your budget – stretch it, it’s definitely worth it!!lux-belle-mare-cocktails-on-beach-rav-4

LUX Belle Mare – So much more than a 5 Star Beach Holiday!



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