iGO Goes to Thailand

Our very own Brendan has just come back from Thailand.  We have got the scoop on his insider tips, his favourite moments as well as why Thailand is a great destination!  Check out our interview with him below!

Where did you stay in Phuket?
Sunset Beach Resort, which is in Patong.”

What was your favourite thing about Sunset Beach Resort?
“The pool area, it’s very relaxing and there’s also a bar. The bar serves mocktails as well as cocktails.  The pool water is also warm, so it’s great for a dip.  I Recommend the superior room or the superior pool view room (they’re built in an L shape around the pool area and are quieter than some of the other room types).  The Service is excellent.  Sunset Beach is a lovely 3* Hotel and I can’t fault it for a 3*; however, don’t go expecting a 5*.”


Sunset Beach Resort Pool area


Where did you stay in Phi Phi Island?
Zeavola Resort.”

What was your favourite thing about Zeavola?
“This is very difficult. Everything!  The beach, if I must choose one.  The beach has stunning beautiful white sand as well as azure water.  It’s post card beautiful and unbelievable!  The staff are always there when you need them.  They’re intuitive but not intrusive.  Their service is attentive.  The food was beyond belief and also not expensive considering that Zeavola is a 5* Resort.  I had stuffed baked chicken breast with veggies and mash 3 times because it was so delicious!”

Zeavola Beach


Chocolate decadence


Did you mainly eat at the resorts or did you try out some local cuisine?
“At Zeavola it was mainly at the resort. In Phuket, it was mainly wherever we were, out and about.  The food venders are negotiable but to a limit, they also need to earn in income.”

Eating out

What was your highlight of your holiday?
“From a scenery point of view: Promthep Cape.  It’s the southernmost tip of Thailand.  The scenery there is beyond beautiful.  When you arrive there, you start your journey at a top of a hill, walk down tarred road, then walk on rocks until you’re standing on rocks on the bottom and the view from there is breathtaking!  I was speechless!”


Promthep Cape


“From a Resort point of view – Zeavola – I couldn’t fault it.  It’s very upper 5* and it’s also eclectic in terms of décor. It’s a nice treat if you’re staying in 3* hotels / resorts if you’re island hopping.”


James Bond Island canoeing tour


James Bond Island Canoeing Tour – Into the caves

How did you find the flight?
“Long! I flew on Cathay Pacific.  Cathay Pacific flights ends up being about 21 hours in total.  Next time I will go via the Middle East.  Via the Middle East saves about 6 hours travelling, as opposed to going via Hong Kong.  I would rather spend more and save the flying time.”

Can you recommend any “must see” sightseeing to future travellers?
“From a scenery point of view: Promthep Cape.  As mentioned, it’s breath-taking!  I also loved Kathu Waterfall.  There’s a lot of stairs to climb, eventually you get to the source of this waterfall and you can also track it all the way down. It is beautiful to see, I’ll definitely do it again!  I also loved Kata beach!  It is so quiet yet not dead. It’s about a 20 minute tuc tuc from Patong.”

Any “insider’s” hints or tips to share for future travellers?
“At Phuket Airport – read your transfer documents, they tell you where to go. I didn’t do this and got confused.  There’s more than 1 exit where transfers wait for you.  You have to know where to go to find your transfer and it’s all on your transfer documents.”

“Sunset Beach is very convenient because it has a complimentary shuttle that goes every half an hour to Bangla Road.  It goes up until 9 pm. So if you find yourself wanting to explore Bangla road, you can!”


Bangla Road


“If you’re going to Zeavola, make sure you use their speedboat transfer, because it’s only about an hour and is also a very luxurious experience right from the word “go”.”

“It’s better if you’re withdrawing, to withdraw large amounts of money at a time, to avoid large bank fees.  You can also use your card in Thailand to swipe for purchases.”

Are you going back?
“To Zeavola, definitely! I’ve been to Phuket twice.  Next time I want to try Phi Phi on its own.”

Do you think you got good bang for your buck?
“Yes! Thailand is great for the South Africans with our Rand.”


iGO’s Brendan in the front

iGO Goes to Thailand