About iGO Travel
iGO Travel, is a professional and innovative travel agency that combines internet and communications technology, with dedicated personal service, to offer you the best in travel coordination and planning.
With offices in Durban and Johannesburg, iGO Travel offers more than just leisure and corporate travel. We also specialise in schools, sports & groups travel arrangements, as well as inbound travel to Africa.
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The Benefits of School Tours

iGO can assist in providing the promotional tools you need to launch your tour.  We can assist in engaging your students and can show others the benefits and details of your trip.

Benefits for the teacher:

  • Enrich the lives of your learners
  • See your favourite destinations at a reduced rate
  • Make friends & build a network overseas
  • Broaden your horizons and develop yourself
  • Improve your CV
  • Live history
  • Bring your subject and interests to life
  • Connect with your learners and improve the relationship with your learners
  • Open new channels of learning and experience

Benefits for the learner:

  • Tour safely in a controlled environment, surrounded by friends
  • Holistic student development, build self-confidence, maturity and independence
  • Broaden horizons and increase tolerance and respect for other cultures
  • Bring your textbook to life
  • Improve teacher-learner relationship

School adventure

Benefits for the school:

  • Gain the competitive edge – be known as the school that tours internationally
  • Be acknowledged as the benchmark for educational excellence
  • Improve image for recruitment
  • Holistic development for each individual
  • Incentivise top performers
  • Build an international network
  • Educate the educator
  • Improve your school’s educational standard

At iGO Travel we arrange tours for schools, universities, invitational teams, clubs and national teams.  Here’s why to book with us at iGO Travel.

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  • The listed tour types is not a closed list, we can tailor make tours for you, to suit your requirements

The Benefits of School Tours